Dear Black Man

A king is who you are,

and will forever be. 

Do not allow society

to tell you differently. 

Now come bring me your heartache,

and let me wipe away your shame.

I will take the shackles off your feet,

and alleviate your pain. 

I know they demonize you,

and instill so many with fear,

but I know the real you;

your voice I will gladly hear. 

You feel alone because you’re at odds,

trying to provide in an imprisoned state.

I know you’re angry and discouraged,

but do not be filled with hate.

I can be your superwoman;

I’m no deity but what is true,

is that everything I’ve ever needed,

I have found in you.  

 Poet/Model: Stefanie Parrott

Model: Bobby Akporotu

Photographer: Colin Pieters


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