I Am More Than

I am more than
my child-bearing hips
and luscious lips.

You are so fixated
on the way my butt
jiggles when I walk,
that you cannot hear
my substance when I talk.

If you think the way I move
is mesmerizing,
then you should get to know my mind.
You think that in dealing with me,
sex appeal is all you’ll find?

I was born with favor on my life,
and I am far from a fool.
I am not to be objectified,
or treated like a tool. 

I am headed for unknown heights
with every bit of hood in me.
I can switch from ignorant to intellectual,
and destroy you ever so eloquently. 

I will twerk my ass off,
but he can take me home to momma too.
I am more than the labels society gives to me,
and nothing is what I owe to you. 

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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