When We Meet Again

I passed by you today. 

It was swift and unsettling.

I can imagine that you felt

as if a train raced down the rails.

You didn’t see me,

but I know you felt me,

because you paused shortly after life

led my feet the other way. 

I glanced back quickly,

to see you standing  amidst 

bodies bouncing off of one another.

You swayed rhythmically with the chaos

as if the madness made you feel at home. 

I turned around shortly before 

a single tear slipped down your cheek. 

My timing was perfect. 

We weren’t supposed to cross paths today.

It’s a wonder why we did.

And had I stayed longer,

you would’ve been able to tell

that your tear was matching mine. 

Poet: Stefanie Parrott





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