Heart to Heart


You had my heart,

but you lost me before you could do something with it. 

You marveled at my beauty,

immersed yourself in my layers,

and lamented when I left. 

What did you expect?

Why would I stay where actions proved I was no longer wanted?

Why would I try to convince you of my worth?

You wanted me as an arm accessory, 

to fulfill all of your sexual desires,

and to accompany you daily without any commitment. 

You wanted the daring, comical, sensual sides of me,

not the dark, contemplative and solemn ones. 

I am unfiltered and undone. 

I am the one that drops jaws and breaks necks

and unintentionally causes men to make their current woman their ex,

and yet, 

when you had me…

You let me go. 

I won’t waste my time wondering why.

Instead I’ll dedicate it towards regrouping. 

A man is rarely ever ready to keep the woman

that captures his heart. 

And that is why you did nothing with mine. 

Poet: Stefanie Parrott
Part One of the #ReasonsWhyImSingle Series.


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