Just a Dream

I miss you.
I miss your smell,
and pressing my mouth against your
neck even if it’s not to kiss you.
I miss tickling you with my nose.

I miss singing in your kitchen
and watching in awe as you rap.
I miss dancing with you all over the house.
I miss seeing the way you smile when I say something outlandish or milly rock for no reason.

You are sexy in so many ways,
even when you’re sleeping.
I just want to be wrapped up in your arms
every second of every day.

I dream of a night where we go into the city,
and get drunk and roam the streets with no destination in mind.
Your lips finally meet mine and you tell me that you love me
as I become undone. 

We get a hotel since 5 am isn’t as far away as it feels.
As you lay me down
your eyes behold me in a way I’ve never witnessed before.
They don’t look at me like they want me for the awaiting moments of ecstasy.

They look at me like they want me for life.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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