What number am I on?
My face is starting to flush
and my hands are starting to wander.
I said that last time would be the last time,
but I don’t care to keep my word.

I see you looking at my thighs.
Would you like to cum in between them?
Won’t you tell me that you missed me while you stroke my fears away?

You know that I want you,
but you don’t know that I crave you.
You don’t realize how I view you,
or that I want to make you mine. 

I wore the leggings you like – 
the ones that fit just right. 
I’m waiting for the moment when you start to take them off. 

I don’t want to say it.
I’m silently begging you not to make me. 
You’re serving me all this liquor,
but I’m just here for flesh. 


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