Drive Slow Homie

I do not want your number,
nor your energy.

You’re trying to force a reaction
just because you’re feelin’ me. 

You take my “no” for a yes
and steady try to impress

but you can’t appease a woman
who don’t see you. 

There’s a difference between showing
interest and doing the most.

You answer questions I never asked,
and it’s a turn-off when you boast. 

So let me stop you right here;
you’re talkin’ jobs, but no career. 
I’m focused on my future and you’re concerned about fun. 

Are you surprised that I have standards that you can’t meet?
Common sense should’ve told you that you could never compete. 

You’re salty, I can tell;
but before you take this L,
stop steering into lanes that you can’t drive in. 

Poet: Stefanie Parrott
Part Two of the #ReasonsWhyImSingle Series.


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