A Lifetime Kind of Love

I enter another a dimension as you make a home out of me.
I don’t travel down old roads but I like the way this one feels.
You touch me in places you were first acquainted with so many moons ago.
It’s amazing how my body can’t help but make magic with yours.

We didn’t miss a beat,
but it’s clear that we missed each other.
And I’m sorry that for all of those months,
I hid myself from you.
I’ll exchange my scars for yours if you’re willing to show me all of the places that the pain still resides.
They say you can’t get healing from the one who hurt you,
but I’m here to prove them wrong.

The crazy thing about our story,
is that no one is writing it for us.
Ink spewing from the same fountain,
as we fight for the narrative’s control.
There are people from our past and even more in our present who will try to disrupt the fluidity of our lines
to keep us from completing what our hearts have started.
I won’t fight with them, but I’ll fight for you.

Let down your guard so the plot strengthens instead of thickens.
Allow me to water the soil that we stand on
so that it becomes enriched with what we have to offer one another.
Let nature take its course and don’t let your fear stunt our growth.
It’d be silly to combat what is meant to be.

I want to be your reason, not a season.
I want to be your lifetime, not a loss.
Love me until your cup runneth over.
Love me until all you can do is love me some more.
Love me until it changes you for the better.
Love me until there’s no room for goodbye.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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