First and Last

I’ve got THC in my lungs
and Hennessey in my heart.
My eyes are wet from wondering if tonight will be our last.
I like it best this way.

I cling to you, indicating that I’m silently weary.
I kiss you, as if the moments to come will plant us a world apart.
You ask me what’s wrong,
and I respond by stripping down to skin.
Now is not the time to talk.

I close my eyes and whimper as you make your way inside.
You fuck me like you already miss me. 
You make love to me like you care.

I grow closer towards my climax as you pick up the pace.
You’re hurting me, but I know that the passion is having its way.
My eyes search yours and before I open by mouth, “I love you” filters into my ears.

My lips part in awe,
and in a fraction of a second my hands are caressing your face as
your kisses smother my cries.
I’m hungry for you.

For the first time ever, you water my fountain
as a pool of pleasure collects underneath me.
You collapse onto me and your body finds rest on top of mine.

I savor this newfound splendor,
knowing that we were always a game of risks.
I remain silent and question if there’s far more
to us – more than we’ll ever know…
This is no happy ending, this is a goodbye.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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