Right Now

Right now, I am free.
I am not concerned about what we are
or what we aren’t,
but simply what I feel in this very moment.
And in this moment, I feel light.
My laughter stems from the depths of my soul and spills out into your space.
It intoxicates you. 
It coerces you into endless smiles and holding of hands and sloppy kisses.
It enables you to look at me in all of the ways you usually hide.

In this moment you aren’t doing your work,
and I’m not growing anxious over emails that never come.
We are simply being.
Your energy gravitates toward mine,
and they have a fine time together.
Now I know what it means when they say
“What’s real doesn’t have to be explained.”

I am bare.
I am spent.
You have opened me up yet again.
Troubled you.
Troubled me.
And right now, everything is alright.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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