I think – no, I know that this is why I move the way that I do
and why I work so hard.
Far too often we allow life to decide where we end up.
How many people actually get the opportunity to live their dreams?
How many people are actually happy while doing it?
Sometimes, we get what we want, just to find out it doesn’t
fulfill the hype.
Sometimes, we don’t.
That is why I fall in love with my dreams, but acknowledge
that simply having them isn’t enough.
I don’t want to be a dreamer,
I want to be a doer; a dictator.
I cannot control how life happens,
but I will try to handle myself accordingly whenever it does.
That is the difference between a dreamer and a dictator.
A dreamer dwells on possibilities,
and a dictator makes what could be turn into what is.
That is why I admire the individuals who have guts;
they get the glory.
That is why I cry when I read or hear about people who
took nothing (or close to it) and found a way to make magic.
Far too often we waste our years:
Wondering but never finding out,
planning but never acting,
praying but never working,
idolizing but never realizing that you can become
the people you envy, too.
And the crazy thing is, you can become even better.
Sometimes I have to sit back and thank God
for everything and everyone He has blessed me with,
even when my circumstances are not what I would like them to be.
Because look at how vast the world is.
Just look.
All you have to do is turn on the news,
or read an article,
or hear in loose talk about what someone else is going through in a country
you never even knew existed.
All you have to do is talk to someone you never paid any mind to
in order to realize that we all have more in common than you think.
All you have to do is have perspective.
Success may not be uniform, but struggle (though it may vary) often times is.
This is why, when I am fortunate enough to wake up and start a new day,
I do.
I begin again.
Because there is going to come a time when my reality is going to be
so remarkable, that I won’t even be able to fathom it,
and I am going to look back over my life and thank God that it
started with a dream, but didn’t end with one.

– Stefanie Parrott


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