The Good Guy

He wears a nice suit.
No, nice is an understatement;
that man is clean from head-to-toe.
And have you seen his smile?
It’s the kind of crest that stops you
in your tracks and makes you question
if you’re still breathing.
He’s easy on the eyes,
but hard on your heart,
because his exterior is simply a shell.

He talks in a language meant for you to
but somewhere down the line, things
got lost in translation.
You see the words exit his mouth;
you hear them.
But what on Earth do they mean?
People say what they truly feel, right?
If you wanted someone more than anything
in the world,
you’d tell them – right?

He is hard to comprehend because he wants to be.
He says just enough to keep you around.
He plays off of his “shell” because it’s the first thing you see,
and because he’s what you want your man to look like.
He reels you in but doesn’t want you too close,
but he DEFINITELY doesn’t want you with someone else.

You’re sweet to him.
You sex him.
You laugh with him.
You even say “I love you.”
But don’t you ever for a second
get to thinking,
that one day he’ll be yours.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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