(I’m) Done

I do it because I want to.
I do it because it’s what I’m used to.
But the moments after leave me craving, contemplating and confused.

I don’t understand how you can be comfortable sleeping with me and spending time with me,
all the while leaving more than enough room
for another man to take your place.

I make it easy for you to behave this way,
because I’ve acknowledged your actions,
but I tolerate them too.
Would you believe me this go ’round if I said that I’m through?

Because I am.
You don’t want me,
but you don’t want me with anybody else.
How selfish.
How greedy.
How hurtful.

I’ve said it before,
but I swear this time I mean it.
I’ll make sure that I prove it to you.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott 


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