Why Come Running

I don’t regret anything that has happened,
I just hope I never have to feel this way again.
The type of hurt I’m experiencing has put me in a daze, and numbness is slowly taking over.
How could that be?
I feel the world I envisioned being ripped from my grasp,
but at the same time I feel nothing at all.

In 24 years, I’ve played the same love-gone-wrong songs more times than I can count.
You would’ve thought that Coldplay was my best friend since I know their lyrics so well.

My pillow is well-acquainted with my tears and that just shouldn’t be.
Pillows should only know your head and mine,
and smiles crashing into its surface.

Don’t come looking for me.
Don’t wonder if I’m okay.
Don’t reach out to me.
You did this.
You destroyed us and you damaged me.
Why come running,
when things are never going to change?

Poet: Stefanie Parrott




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