I find it remarkable how society consumes the work put out by creatives, but is the first to ostracize said creatives for simply being themselves. Ironic, considering who we are directly correlates with what we do and how we do it. Lady Gaga is slandered for sharing that she was raped at 19, Kid Cudi is made fun of for returning to rehab after confronting his demons, Ebonee Davis is looked at as a radical for questioning her career where she puts money in the pockets of industry figureheads who could care less about what she stands for. Songwriters, singers, painters, actors, models, rappers, directors, etc., exist in a peculiar world that we share with our audience. Our trauma, tragedies, heartbreak and anything else that shapes our identities are put on display for a cause bigger than ourselves, but what do we get in return…? Show love for creatives, because we show love for you.


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