The number 7 signifies a few things Biblically, and one of them is completion. This resonated with me not just because God had seven days equal a week, or because He concluded creating heaven and earth on the seventh day (marking it holy); when I think of God in regards to completion, I think of how He represents fulfillment and wholesomeness. It has nothing to do with a specific part of my life coming to a close, or feeling like I have “arrived.” Everything that I would ever need, is already found in HIM. No matter what people say or think about me, no matter what transpires in my life, I am complete because of God. I don’t need a person or a thing to rely on for that because He is everything – literally. To the Believers who are struggling spiritually, emotionally, financially, or any other way as you finish out this year, this is just a gentle reminder that He is the source of all that is good and perfect: the positive way we look at ourselves, the money we make, the opportunities we have, and so on. Don’t look elsewhere to advance in life, look to God. Try your best to find your peace and to stay prayerful amidst the chaos life brings. Wishing you all a prosperous New Year!


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