Hello all! Today, I created an Instagram account that showcases artists from all arenas: ones that are up and coming, underrated, overlooked, but extremely gifted nonetheless. So much of the “talent” that we see nowadays is very much commercialized, yet these individuals have garnered thousands and even millions of fans. Well, WE don’t need a blue check by our name to be seen and appreciated for what we do.

Right now I’ve compiled a list of people to feature: photographers, actresses, designers, bloggers, producers, etc. I am starting off with the artist’s favorite picture of themself, complemented by why they love what they do. I’m going to put their name and title at the end of the blurb, and tag them in the post. If you or anyone you know would like to submit, please let me know! After posting these bio pics, I will be posting work that the artists have selected. I ultimately want this to be a place where creatives can draw inspiration and connect with one another. Social Media is a great asset when used correctly!

Keep in mind this if for people that don’t have an enormous following. Accounts with large followings will be used as inspiration posts.




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