We didn’t meet in a coffee shop.
Our bodies didn’t collide on a bustling city street.
He didn’t pick up all those important papers of mine that were scattered on a sidewalk.
It simply started with a conversation,
and ended with love.

We connected amidst the madness that life has to offer:
Maintaining friendships, attaining degrees, advancing professionally and financially…
We were just two people trying to become the best version of ourselves,
the only way we knew how.

 I did not have to read Cosmopolitan to make sense of his significance in my life.
I did not have to get second, third, fourth and fifth opinions from family members or friends.
And what the hell did a Horoscope have to do with it?

I knew in my heart, soul and spirit that God had given me His greatest gift of all.
He didn’t have to tell me;
He showed me.

It’s simple, really.
No complicated storyline.
No vicious cycle that seemed to have ended.
No gray to be found.

It was refreshing, consistent and exciting.
It was genuine, intriguing and free.
For the first time in my life,
love was everything it was supposed to be.

Women tend to ask me:
Where did you find him,
and how did you keep him?

My reply always is:
We were looking for nothing.
But once he met me, he never wanted to leave. 

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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