I am from East Orange (NJ), but many of you don’t know that. And when people find out, they’re surprised, which is insulting – not just to me, but to my city as a whole. I had the privilege of being moved to a suburban town where I could attain a higher level of education and excel in a sport that isn’t popular in urban areas. But to imply that I am “better” than the city that my entire dad’s side grew up in, in a county that I spent nearly every single weekend in since birth; to be shocked at the fact that I moved back at age 16 and still reside here, is ignorant. Black people, no matter their shade or origin, know how to speak, write and do anything else that is deemed “socially acceptable,” like any other race. So don’t be appalled when you see us making history and headlines; the ingredients for success runs through our bloodstream and always will. EO is my home. This is where the Parrott legacy still lives. It isn’t my end-destination, but don’t you think for one second that I am ever ashamed of my roots. I adore them. #189Series


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