Six Months to Life

You ask me how I did it;
how I made an extremely difficult process look so easy.
You don’t know that it was excruciating from the start, and that I’m nowhere near finished.

I had to remove the one person I wanted for the rest of my life,
from my life.
I had to detach myself from a part of my soul.

It started with one day, that turned into one week, which turned into one month.
And before I knew it, I had reached half of a year.

I haven’t coped,
I’ve just kept myself busy.
But those moments when I’m alone,
all of the memories rush to my head at once.

I want to tell him that my hands are sore from working such a long shift,
and that I’m coming over for chips and salsa.
I want to tell him all the good news about my day, and how I’m evolving into the woman we both want me to become.

I may look like I’m okay,
distancing myself from the one I love.
But the truth is, in this sixth month,
I still want him.
Just as much as I did on the day I decided to let him go.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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