My friend Kaila captured this after one of my recent shoots. I was examining my face after removing my makeup. I. HATE. MAKEUP. I always have. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that. I only wear it for shoots (when it’s required) and special occasions. For the latter, I pay people to do it.

On a regular basis, I’m either completely bare-faced like this, or my brows are filled and my mascara is on. 99% of the time my face is crystal clear. I do have anxiety and stress breakouts, which look like rashes. I do get pimples (there’s a tiny one on my forehead in this picture) but that happens once every blue moon and they never pop up in large amounts, maybe one or two.

Women ask me all of the time how that is and to be honest, several factors play into it: (1) All I drink is water, 24/7 with the occasional cup of tea or juice. I do not drink soda and I only drink liquor a few times a month.

(2) I wash my face with my @neutrogena cleanser ONCE a day, 2x if it’s warranted. I usually shower at night, so when I wake up, I simply rinse my face with lukewarm water and pat my face dry. ALWAYS PAT, NEVER RUB.

(3) I don’t eat sweets unless it’s a special occasion or if I’m craving them, which is usually when mother nature comes through.

(4) Whenever a shoot or an event is over, I wash my face IMMEDIATELY. Same goes for when I’m done working out. My skin is super sensitive and the slightest thing will cause it to break out.

(5) I use an exfoliating brush by Mary Kay to wash my face. It has two speeds, but I use the faster one. It’s super gentle yet still manages to get the job done and you can visibly see the difference

(6) I don’t touch my face, rub it, pick at it, etc. I even make the conscious effort to sleep on my back, because sleeping on my side sometimes irritates my skin.

(7) I don’t exfoliate as often as I should, but when I do, I use a simple yet effective scrub: honey, a squeezed lemon wedge and cinnamon.

If you’d like to know more about my skincare routine, comment below or email me!


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