All Good Things Cum To An End

I’ve made up my mind –
I’m just waiting for my heart to get the memo.
I know I said I was done writing about this,
but – like most writers, I lied.

I finally wrapped my head around it,
and I’ve come to the conclusion that –
my lie to you doesn’t make our story any less true
and – my intentions were just as good as yours.

At the beginning of our rollercoaster I was reaching for your heart while you were reaching for a condom.
It wasn’t long before we kissed those golden wrappers
goodbye and gave ourselves away.
But tragically, we’ve been on this ride for quite a bit of time
and – it’s clear that I’ve extended my stay.

You fell for the idea of me, but not my reality.
And when you tell me that you love me,
I know you mean my box see –
I’ll give it to you good but I’ll treat you even better.
But you don’t want that.
You only want what makes me wetter.

So what do you really miss?
Is it me, or my pussy?
I never thought I’d have to ask
but – now you’re just like them.

It’s crazy because through it all, I’ve never demanded much.
It’s ironic how I took a risk with someone I don’t even trust.
I offered you everything and you chose my body time and time again.
I may have snatched your soul but look at what you did to mine.

So catch me if you can because the hourglass is flipped
and might run out before you even get a chance to finish.
I know you’re feeling a way now because your flesh is on the line  –
I can always make you cum but I can never make you mine.
Yet, that last part was the hardest to swallow.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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