We get each other.
We’re like two stray dogs that finally found a place to call home.
I used to think that kind of thing was an actual location,
but now I see that I was wrong.

I thought my desires were simply dreams that would never end up a reality.
I was under the impression that “single” would be my status for life.
It felt like the muck from my past coated my whole entire being and slowly seeped into my skin.

My soul was dirty.
My mind was poisoned.
Yet you saw in me,
what I couldn’t even detect in myself.
You took all of my baggage and unpacked it,
then split the load with a smile.

You, sir,
are far from anything I have ever or could have ever dreamed of.
You’re the kind of guy that us girls see in movies but never actually meet.
Tarnished, but you shine as if the sun itself birthed you.
Scared shitless, but you brave my ocean like you’ve swam its depths your entire life.

You make being fucked up look sexy.
You wear your troubles so well.
And to top it off,
you choose me, every single day.
Now, why would you do a thing like that?

If I hadn’t believed in God before,
I surely do now.
Not only did He create you,
He made sure that your heart beat matched mine.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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