Silly Little Tears

You told me not to fall for you.
You told me that I deserve better.
You told me that you love me
and that you want what is best for me.
It had been made clear that what was best,
wasn’t you.

Yet, you’re here –
With your tie undone and your eyes glossed over,
wondering if the man who’s inside waiting for me at the bar is mine.
You ran in your expensive suit and designer dress shoes to tell me that you hope it isn’t true:
that I could have possibly moved on.

You’re standing in front of me,
like a puppy with its tail in between its legs.
I’ve never seen you look so weary.
I’ve never seen you look so lost.

“I have a boyfriend now,” I say.
And before I can continue, your lips are trembling and tears are falling.
I’ve never seen you cry;
I never thought you could.

I’m in awe.
It took months for us to end and even longer for me to recover.
My heart called out your name countless times, yet you refused to listen.
You waited until the man of my dreams took your place,
before you even considered trying to get it back.

So, why are you hurting?
You willingly made room for someone else to give me the world,
the moment you decided we would never have one.

Poet: Stefanie Parrott


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