“World Blessing Woman”

A few days ago I was asked to be featured on the Instagram page of someone who was showcasing an influential woman each day for March (Women’s Month). I had to answer a series of questions; my responses are below:

I am a model and a poet who recently started performing Spoken Word last year. Although I don’t always see it or feel it, I have been told that I am impactful and influence those around me. My guess is that it’s because I live in my truth without guilt or shame. I pride myself on being a “what you see is what you get” kind of person, and I think that kind of transparency shows in my modeling and writing. In striving to become the best version of myself through art, I have grown to be unapologetic in my expression. I love feeling empowered, but I also want others to feel that way too.

Being a Woman of Color in today’s society means to be aware: aware of your history, aware of how it shapes your identity, aware of how society views you, aware of your duty to ignore those views and to continue to relish in your #BlackGirlMagic and to spread it everywhere you go. It also means to be aware of the power you possess. We are some of the most divine creatures on the face of the Earth. Being a WOC makes me want to constantly learn more about Black history, because there is always more to know and more to love. The more I find out about those that came before me, the more I see how much we’re flourishing in the world today against all odds, the prouder I become.

My advice to young women who are scared of their purpose is simple: Don’t be. Some good things stem from a comfort zone, but growth doesn’t happen there. Not to sound cliché, but life is too short to settle for being unfulfilled. If you know what your purpose is and you’re allowing your fears to keep you from walking in it, then you are accepting significanty less than what you were created for. Accept your purpose. Embrace your purpose. Then own it.


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