Most days I feel like how I look in this pic: bad ass, confident, fearless, boss. Other days, I feel the way I do in this very moment: broken, heavy, longing and drained. I used to feel inadequate when I spent any part of my day experiencing emotions that weren’t positive. I put so much pressure on myself to push through all of my baggage and all of my pain as if I’m not entitled to have down days or even down seasons. I HATE looking myself in the mirror while in a place like this. My goals seem nearly out of reach and my morale begins to diminish. But my Aunt Yvonne reminded me today that “the beautiful thing about life is that there is never the same 24 hours twice.” And although I was crying silently over the phone, her words resonated within me. I cannot control how life happens. Loss is inevitable. Heartbreak is inevitable. Disappointment is inevitable. It’s okay to get down in the dumps in response to these things, so long as you don’t stay there. 24 hours a day, each one different, causing our emotions to come in waves. Let them. Don’t fight them. Trials are a part of life just as much as triumph is.

– Written May 18, 2017


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