I am transformed on a daily basis.
Painted, poked, prodded and primped.
My entire being is a clean slate
that is constantly revamped for your viewing.

An array of emotions are conveyed on camera, but –
Are they mine or the persona that was created for the public eye?
Sometimes I’m unsure myself.

I am an actress, a muse, a maniac of sorts.
Far from perfect, yet the ideology is what drives the vision.

When I step in front of the lens,
am I stepping into freedom or entrapment?
Is it me who’s in control, or those that moved me from “start” to “finish?”

Not one being on this Earth stands isolated and alone.
There is always someone or something causing you to think the way you think,
and to act the way you act.

Are we artists,
or are we puppets?
Maybe it’s a mixture of both.
A touch can turn into a transfer of toxins.
Be mindful of whose hands are molding you.

 Poet: Stefanie Parrott

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