I had a very important talk with my mom earlier today. I’ve been battling a couple of health issues lately and I was extremely flustered while dealing with the pain, difficult doctors and the numerous calls to various offices trying to expedite the process of getting myself back together. During this conversation, I had a very defiant spirit, but it stemmed from my discomfort and fatigue. My mom said to me “You don’t get to be emotional. Being emotional clouds your judgment and keeps you from asking the right questions and doing the right things.” In response I asked, “Why am I not allowed to react to this like a normal human being?! Why am I not allowed to be hurt or get angry?! Why am I not allowed to be tired?!” After I calmed down, I realized that my mom made perfect sense. She didn’t literally mean for me to not feel anything, but to HANDLE HOW I feel so that I can better respond to what’s making me feel the way that I do. Looking back on my life, I can fully acknowledge that I have been through things that many people have not, while also understanding that others have been through far worse than me. These past few weeks and today in particular, I didn’t feel like the bossed-up, bad ass, strong woman a lot of people view me as. I felt helpless, weak and detached. But, my moms words reminded me that to whom much is given, much is required, and that I need to handle myself like the resilient woman I’ve proven to be. With that said, feel everything: anger, sadness, confusion, frustration, etc., but don’t let these effect your over mentality. Don’t allow a negative mood to become a permanent mindset. Stay bossed up, stay prayed up, and keep it pushin.


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