Today during physical therapy, a man named Hector was on the bed next to me doing his stretches. He sat up, turned to me and asked “Can I tell you something?” I paused before saying “Sure.” He then went on to say “No one can do you better than you. You are an alpha, I can see it. You are brilliant, you aren’t a follower. I can see it and I can tell. No matter what you’re doing, don’t give up.” He went on to say a few more encouraging words, but those in particular really stuck with me. He said he hoped he didn’t make me uncomfortable and I replied “No, not at all. I really appreciate your words. I believe in God and I believe that He puts stuff on our hearts to tell people.” He smiled and said he agreed. He said God was coaxing him to talk to me at a previous appointment, and that during today’s he felt God speaking to him even more. With that said, I’m not posting this to show one of the many beautiful ways that God works for those who don’t believe in His existence. I’m posting this to play off of what I previously posted about walking in your truth. When you embrace who you are, are confident who you are and simply just rest in who you are, people will notice. People will show that they respect you. People will show their admiration for you. People will show that they care about you. We live in a world where many think that chronically posting to social media and purchasing followers is a lifestyle worth maintaining every day – one that brings relevance. I believe the opposite. Relevance isn’t the superficial image you portray to strangers, it’s in how you treat them and how you reach them. Relevance is found in how your character impacts those around you when cameras aren’t flashing and there’s no way to record your actions. Relevance to me is Hector being able to discern my spirit and feel the magnitude of my presence when all I did was complete my reps in silence. What’s real will always speak for itself. It doesn’t create questions, it makes statements. So again, stay in YOUR lane, walk in YOUR light and stay humble as that light shines onto other people. Popularity may come and go, but being a blessing to others is something that can last forever.


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