I learned so much about myself during my 24th year of life. I also recently developed a deeper appreciation for the pain that coincides with growth. My loved ones always harp on me because I am so critical of myself. I am so focused on becoming better, that I often times neglect to enjoy the process that “better” entails. I tend to get so stuck on the downside of whatever is going wrong, that it causes me to minimize every single one of my blessings and milestones on this journey. I never compare myself to others, but I constantly compare the Stef that I want to be, to the Stef that I was. Shame on myself. I vow to make this year my most beautiful one yet: one filled with new risks, greater opportunities, bigger financial gains and a broader outlook. Thanks to all of you precious souls who support me, pray for me and wish me well; you’ve definitely made this turning point a lot sweeter too. (Raises imaginary glass) To 25.


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