Ya know, at first I wasn’t going to write about this… But my brand consists of my art, and part of my art is my writing, and my writing is always transparent, so here I go: People that knew me before social media became what it is now, knew that I grew up playing soccer; it was my life. There is essentially slim to no trace of it on my page being that I am now dedicated to modeling, writing and performing. Similarly, those who know that I was a soccer player also know about some of my family issues and other personal problems that I underwent in my childhood and adolescence.

So in part, I was going through one of the rooms in my house searching for a particular book, and I came across a box that had old soccer jerseys from when I played for a German-American Soccer Club (GAK), and a pair of Nike cleats – they still have mud on them! For those who are soccer heads, they were multi-ground Ronaldinho’s which were the absolute shit at the time. Right now you probably think that this is just a basic, boring story of a person who came across some silly soccer shirts and old dirty cleats, but it’s waaaay more than that.

My family and I had our storage unit broken into after we were evicted. Having that happen after already having suffered the loss of our home was inexplicably devastating. The computer room and attic in my Grandma’s house were filled with all that we were able to bring when we moved in with her. I avoided looking through either area because I had no desire to search for anything anymore. So many things that I loved had been stolen, what could possibly be in there that still mattered? 11 years later I came across valuables that still do, right in that computer room. They are such a vital part of my childhood and my overall makeup, and I cannot be any more ecstatic that I have them again. Tonight showed me that going down memory lane (intentionally, or in my case, accidentally) isn’t always a bad thing; you just might find what you never even knew you were missing.


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